Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nice day at the beach Friday, although a little breezy. We'll try to do it again.
We have practice this week, and (it looks like) a game on Tuesday. Tuesday's game is tentatively scheduled for 6 pm at Seaside High against their JV team. Their varsity plays Salinas High that night and Salinas does not currently field a JV squad. So I'm trying to get our team on the schedule for the Salinas dates with the other teams in the league. We'll see.
One other bit of news: I'm going out of town from Thursday until the 28th, so I'll miss all of the week of the 23rd. We can organize some practices, but we're shut out of the gym at least two, maybe three days that week due to some event, I can't remember what. Anyway, we'll figure something out. Just keep looking here for updates on practices and games.